Having skin troubles with your feet?

- Brand Story -

New Era of Professional Foot Care,
to create a healthy and beautiful foot

ooréva™is a professional skin care brand from Germany. Our aim is to provide products that deliver rich moisturizing care not only to the surface but also deep into your skin with anti-allergy effects. We have developed a full range of skin care products, a unique skin repair formula that results in skin regeneration.

Skin irritation is related to many every day external factors, such as temperature changes, wind, sun, and chemical abuse, etc. These damaging elements can weaken the skin's immune system and hurt your skin. ooréva™ products are for dry and sensitive skin and are designed to enhance skin repair function, helping your skin to resume its normal pH levels.

- Innovative skin care concept -

ooréva™ is a breakthrough skin care concept. Combining the rejuvenating aspects of penetrating, deep moisturizing
and self-repairing skin care, at ooréva™ we know your skin inside and out.


Enriched with unique foaming cream technology, our products are easily absorbed deep down into several skin layers. The oil-free and non-clogging formula is designed to keep skin watery fresh and silky radiant.

Deep Moisturizing

ooréva™ foaming cream contains active moisturizing ingredients. Urea, which is one of the Natural Moisturizing Factors is effectively combined with water on the upper layer of the epidermis/skin surface and keep your skin watery fresh throughout the day.


Cell repairing ingredients Defensil, evening primrose oil, aloe vera, and avocado oil, in ooréva™ products, can effectively penetrate to the deepest layers of the epidermis.

Defensil is a highly active soothing ingredient that creates a shield for your skin.

Foot Care Series

ooréva™foot care series with its unique foam cream technology can easily penetrate into your dry and cracked skin layers, instantly regenerating your skin so it is baby soft.

Body Care Series

ooréva™body care series is designated for dry and sensitive skin, and it has the power to enhance and restore the pH value of skin to optimal levels and regenerate surface layers of skin.