Foot Care Series

ooréva™foot care series with its unique foam cream technology can easily penetrate into your dry and cracked skin layers, instantly regenerating your skin so it is baby soft.


Foaming Cream Very Dry Skin

Foaming Cream Very Dry Skin (1), 125ml

Contains 10% Urea, Aloe Vera, and Glycerin (this is an excipient, no active function), which instantly moisturizes the skin with visible effect, moisturizing the skin and increasing its elasticity. Protect the skin from bacterial infection.

Suitable for: All skin


Foaming Cream Sweaty Feet

Foaming Cream Sweaty Feet (2), 125ml

Contains Oak Bark & Sage Extract, reduces problems associated with sweat and restores normal functioning of the skin. It helps to reduce the risk of infection due to moisture.

Suitable for: Sweaty feet


Callus Softener

Callus Softener (3), 200ml

Contains urea, panthenol and allantoin, effectively soften calluses and rough dead skin.

Suitable for: Calluses softening treatment


Foaming Cream Anti-Fungus Formula

Foaming Cream Anti-Fungus Formula (7), 125ml

Contains 10% Urea, Aloe Vera, and anti-fungal factors. These elements can strengthen the skin’s natural barrier against different fungal infections and soothe different symptoms associated with sensitivity.

Suitable for: Fungal infected and sensitive skin


Nail Tincture (VI)

Nail Tincture (VI)

Nails are so often neglected. When a nail is being attacked by fungus or mold (both on fingernails and toenails), you must use Nail Tincture (VI). The anti-fungal properties will help you fight against fungal and mold infection and the silica inside will help you to slow down the impact of these troubles, allowing you to regain your healthy nails in a short time.

Foot Bath Concentrate, 150ml

Foot Bath Concentrate, 150ml

Contains Urea & Aloe Vera, which moisturize the skin and increase its elasticity, protecting the skin from bacterial infection.

Suitable for: All skin